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Water Filtration Experts of Kansas Since 1925

Welcome to Ecowater Systems, the premier, full-service water treatment company in Wichita. For over 92 years, we have been providing effective, affordable solutions for our municipal and well water customers in over twenty-five Kansas counties.

As a local business, we are truly dedicated to helping make the community of Wichita better through clean, safe drinking water. With strong community roots, this is not just a place we work at, but a place we live in. Our president Ralph Moore was on the board of directors of the Better Business Bureau for three years and we proudly support The Red Cross, Special Olympics and the Wichita Wild and Thunder.

smelly contaminated waterstyle=Do you know what’s coming out of your tap? Unfortunately, we do and it’s not pleasant. Your family deserves better water, which is why with our advanced water treatment technologies, Ecowater Systems has the right solution for you.

Does your water:

  • Have a rust color and stains from iron?
  • Have an unpleasant odor or taste from sulfur?
  • Have visible hard water scale build-up on pipes, glassware, and faucets?
If so, call the water filtration experts at Ecowater Systems! Our certified problem water specialists will quickly identify and eliminate virtually any water problem you have including bacteria, coliform, nitrates, and discoloration

Customer Satisfaction

From water softeners, conditioners and refiners, to the state-of-the-art integrated drinking water solutions, Ecowater Systems of Kansas has grown to serve thousands of customers from all over greater Wichita. With a rich history exceeding 92 years, Ecowater Systems is continually focused on being the gold standard for the water filtration industry.

benefits of home water filtrationstyle=When you call Ecowater Systems, you will speak with a trained customer service representative who will assist you in setting up your service, installation, and deliveries. For more advanced technical support, they will direct your call to the appropriate personnel to answer all of your questions and assist you in a professional, courteous manner.

We are the world’s largest manufacturer of residential and commercial water treatment systems. Our water filtration systems help reduce energy consumption and extend appliance life cycles, and we always offer our products with fair and honest pricing.

Made In America

All of our products are made here in America, with the quality and craftsmanship you expect. Ecowater Systems of Kansas only uses the highest quality products and the best people in the industry. Our service and delivery staff are highly skilled, factory trained and are among the best in Kansas.

Here Today & Here Tomorrow

best drinking water filtration companystyle=Licensed, bonded, and insured, Ecowater Systems has been a proud member of Wichita since 1925. We’re not one of the fly-by-night companies that sells you something then takes off.

Managed by the same owners and serving the same region, we are experts on water filtration and our products and customer service are considered some of the best in all of Kansas. We have the perfect, affordable water filtration service for your home or business.

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“We only have one mission….To be the most customer-oriented, highest-quality, value-driven water treatment company in our industry and make every customers experience pleasant enough where they will want to share their experience with others for the long term growth of our business.“

Ralph and Roni Moore

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